Friday , 19 December 2014

GRU to add ‘Augusta’ to Campus Gateway Signage

Georgia Regents University will be adding the word ‘Augusta’ to the permanent gateway signage on its campuses based on conversations between university leadership, President Dr. Ricardo Azziz and community leaders, including Mr. Nick Evans.

“We listened to the concerns of community leaders and responded. The community is an important partner as we focus on student recruitment, progression and success, high quality patient and family centered care, faculty and staff satisfaction and our economic impact on the communities we serve,” said Azziz.

“The university will add ‘Augusta’ to the gateway signage currently in place on our campuses with a goal of installation by the end of February,” said David Brond, GRU Senior Vice President for Communications and Marketing.


  1. Now we spend extra money to do the right thing. What a sad state of affairs. I am chagrined at how the institution I served and loved for 32 years has turned out under Azziz’s leadership.

  2. Why was the signs done wrong in the first place, was it accidental. It looks as though some one either forgot what was promised or some one just wanted to have his own way. We are Augusta, what does it hurt to let people know who we are? Can anyone respond and try to justify leaving the Augusta out of the n sign?

  3. How about we stop complaining about everything and be glad that they recognized their mistake and are going to fix it.

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