Monday , 22 December 2014

GRU student receives research award at national conference

Simeon Hanks, junior physics major, won the award for outstanding research presentation at the American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting held in Baltimore, Md.

Hanks presented his research on the High temperature series expansion and the exact solution study of the 1/5 depleted square lattice Ising model. The work was done in collaboration with Professor Jaan Oitmaa from the University of New South Wales located in Sydney, Australia. Through his work, Hanks was able to predict the critical magnetic transition temperature of the depleted lattice using both an exact solution and a high temperature series expansion.

“I’d like to thank Dr. Datta for his continued support of my research, the Savannah River Scholarship Program for its funding, and GRU for the resources to facilitate our work,” said Hanks. He is also the recipient of the Department of Chemistry and Physics 2013 Best Undergraduate Research in Physics award and the American Physical Society Future of Physics Day Travel award.

“Through his hard work, dedication, careful attention to detail and strong computer programming skills, Simeon has obtained new and noteworthy results. He is truly deserving of this best undergraduate research presentation award,” said Trinanjan Datta, Assistant Professor of Physics.

The APS March Meeting is the largest physics meeting in the world, highlighting physics research from industry, universities, and major labs across the world. In addition to cutting-edge research in the condensed matter community, the meeting also presents an opportunity for undergraduate students to showcase their novel research findings.

To view Hanks abstract:

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