Friday , 19 December 2014

TimeNet Update: Lunch break and Go live dates

Notice to all Non-Exempt Employees using TimeNet:

Thank you to Summerville campus and Medical Associates employees for making the change to TimeNet, the system that is now being used to record the hours worked for our non-exempt, bi-weekly paid employees. As we have shared, our goal is to ensure the most accurate recording of the hours worked for our employees so that their pay is also accurate.

The purpose of this communication is to update you on the meal break period.  As a reminder, with TimeNet employees will be expected to clock out when taking their meal break and clock back in upon the conclusion of their meal break.  The meal break will continue to be defined as 30 minutes or 1 hour, with the specific period determined by each department’s standard hours and operating needs.

The TimeNet system is set up to reflect anything less than 30 minutes for a meal break as paid time.  The actual meal deduction will be the exact amount of time recorded, except when less than 30 minutes.  The effective date of this change was March 10, 2013.

The upcoming projected go live dates are 3/31/2013 for the GRU Health Sciences campus, and 4/21/2013 for the Medical Center.   With this phased approach for implementation, the enterprise will be live with TimeNet.

If you have any questions regarding this update, please contact the appropriate FSA.  Our goal continues to be recording the hours worked of all our employees with the greatest accuracy.  Thank you for helping us to achieve that.

Thank you,

Susan Norton

Vice President for Human Resources


Jim Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Georgia Regents University

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